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Shell Bank Junior High School is a small, public school located in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn. We take pride in our strong sense of community, our family atmosphere, our commitment to rigorous instruction, and the rich and varied programs that we offer that nurture the whole child. 


At Shell Bank we strive to have all students reach their fullest potential. We seek to build leaders of great character and to empower all students academically and socially. We have high expectations for achievement, personal conduct, and we motivate all to become lifelong learners who are confident, creative, and value individual differences while being positive influences in the community. 

School Hours

All Students enter through the front of the building (Batchelder Street) and attend community learning class. Students who are late must report to room 114.


6th grade students are eligible for yellow bus service if you live within District 22.

7th and 8th grade students are eligible for Metro Cards, fare is based on distance from school. 

Free Breakfast: M - F   starting at 7:40

School Day: M - F  8:00-2:45

 Afterschool : M - F   2:45 - 5:00


6th grade students are dismissed at the front of the building (Batchelder Street) at 2:35

7th and 8th grade students are dismissed on Avenue X at 2:35

Dress Code

In order to maintain a positive learning environment, it is expected that Shell Bank students dress in a professional manner.  We expect students to be dressed appropriately to ensure safety and to keep the focus on teaching and learning.  We would like all parents and guardians to remind students of proper dress protocols on campus.


Prohibited forms of dress at Shell Bank include, but are not limited to:


  1. Hats or caps (with the exception of headwear worn for religious observance).

  2. Clothing that contains references to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, racism, or gang-affiliation.

  3. Revealing clothing that does not provide coverage of torso, undergarments, and private body parts, including see-through garments of any kind.

  4. Sunglasses while indoors.


If a student comes to school wearing clothing prohibited by the Dress Code, then the student’s family will be notified, the student may be subject to the interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code, and the student will be expected to make appropriate adjustments to his/her clothing to conform with the Dress Code (e.g., turning shirt inside out, borrowing temporary clothing until the end of the school day, etc.).”

For more detailed information, consult our Student Handbook.

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