Jennifer Serio, jserio@schools.nyc.gov

Michael Hanna, mhanna12@schools.nyc.gov


Principal: Teri Ahearn, tahearn@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principals:

Christine Devito, cdevito3@schools.nyc.gov

Theresa Morgan Turchiano, tmorgan2@schools.nyc.gov


Tina Maffeo, tmaffeo@schools.nyc.gov


Vicky Dreifus (Speech), vdreifus@schools.nyc.gov

Jaqueline Jastram (Physical Therapy), jjastra@schools.nyc.gov

Nelly Klayn (Speech), nklayn@schools.nyc.gov

Lauri Licht (Psychologist), llicht@schools.nyc.gov

Andrea Sanders (Speech), asanders@schools.nyc.gov


Siobhan Foley, sfoley@schools.nyc.gov

Denise Polisano , dcampisi3@schools.nyc.gov

Lee Bryant, lbryant5@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Donohue, ldonohue2@schools.nyc.gov
Dylan Doherty, ddougherty2@schools.nyc.gov
Elaine Elfond, eelfond@schools.nyc.gov
Rona Gamil, rengelsberg@schools.nyc.gov
Janice Garoklanian, jgarokl@schools.nyc.gov
Gina Gill, ggill3@schools.nyc.gov
Colleen Glasheen, cglasheen@schools.nyc.gov
Angel Hartley, rhartley@schools.nyc.gov
Marilyn Jeffries, mjeffries2@schools.nyc.gov

Traci Kasman, tkasman@schools.nyc.gov
Maria Ktistakis, mktistakis@schools.nyc.gov
Boris Levitskiy, blevitskiy@schools.nyc.gov
Karen Marcus, kmarcus2@schools.nyc.gov
Heather McCormick, hmccormick@schools.nyc.gov
Ubeaka McKinney, umckinney@schools.nyc.gov
Maureen O'Keefe, mokeefe@schools.nyc.gov

Ciaran O'Hara, cohara3@schools.nyc.gov
Tamisha Owens, towens4@schools.nyc.gov
Michelle Pellechia, mpallechia@schools.nyc.gov
Robert Puleo, rpuleo2@schools.nyc.gov
Thomas Ramirez, tramirez@schools.nyc.gov
Cara Randazzo, rrichards2@schools.nyc.gov
Ricki Salem, rsalem@schools.nyc.gov
Nicole Serra-Gonzalez, nserragonzalez@schools.nyc.gov
Pothiti Sigalas, psigalas@schools.nyc.gov
Ella Tiflinsky, etiflin@schools.nyc.gov
Chris Voorhies, cvoorhi@schools.nyc.gov



Tel. 718-743-0220

Fax. 718-769-8632

2424 Batchelder Street

Brooklyn, NY 11235

* please note that if the school building is closed, no one will be answering  the phone lines. We ask that you reach out to us via email or REMIND.

Contact Administration through Remind

Ms.  Ahearn, Principal 

Text  @tahear to 81010

Ms. DeVito, AP (8th grade)

Text @apdevit  to 81010

Ms. Turchiano, AP

Text @apturch to 81010

 To contact Ms. Maffeo, our Parent Coordinator and receive school messages on Remind:

6th grade: text @b9e6k4 to 81010

7th grade: text @9kf3b8 to 81010

8th grade: text @26b6agg to 81010

call Ms. Maffeo at 917-830-7284



Monday - Friday

8:15 am - 1:45 pm

Teacher office hours will be posted on each of  teachers' Google Classroom pages

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